Best Friends Hair Clip Set

  • Best Friends Hair Clip Set

Brand: Eugenia Kids

BFFs 4E! These hair clips are our spin on the classic Best Friends necklaces of yore. Keep both for yourself, or split with your bestie! Each set of Best Friends hair clips comes with two custom ribbon-edge, cellulose acetate, alligator clips.

• “Best Friends" : Girly confetti cellulose acetate with white ink inlay and a gold alligator clip on the back

• 2" wide and 1/2" tall, comes on a 4x4" card back

These hair accessories are made with my sneaky toddler in mind, who runs every time I try to touch her hair, and fights me on all sartorial choices. These clips are easy to place, have teeth that grip fine hair, and come in an aesthetically pleasing color palette that you will absolutely steal for yourself.

Cut and polished acetate is customized with cursive letters, which are etched into the acetate and then filled with ink. Cellulose acetate is derived from plants, which means it breaks down more easily than plastic and acrylic. 🤘 Each hair clip is 2” wide x 1/2” tall with a gold mini alligator clip affixed to the back, so it doesn't slide out the way other hair accessories do.