Peanut Hair Clip

  • Peanut Hair Clip

Brand: Eugenia Kids

Hey, lil Peanut! We made a clip *just* for those lovingly referred to as 'Peanut'. Each Peanut hair clip comes with one, custom ribbon-edge cellulose acetate alligator clip. Or choose a pair at checkout for two clips.

If your daughter is anything like mine, she's a little more spice than sugar. She pairs light-up dinosaur sneakers with her Elsa dress and runs away when she sees me coming with a hairbrush in hand. I made these hair accessories with her in mind, so they are easy to place, have teeth that grip fine hair, and come in a sophisticated darker color palette.

• “Peanut”: Pearl barrette with red ink and gold alligator clip

• 2" wide, 1/2" tall, comes on a 4x4" card back

If your little spitfire needs to keep hair off their face, but won't sit still long enough for a ponytail - these cute mini hair clips can be placed quickly and easily. Plus, they're lightweight, so your picky kid will immediately forget you dare put something on their head. Each hair clip is 2” wide x 1/2” tall with a gold mini alligator clip affixed to the back, so it doesn't slide out the way other hair accessories do.